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The Game Studio

My son and I started a game studio to write mobile arcade video games together. We design, he builds, and I make sure he gets paid on time.

We hired two of my daughters to write music and create artistic assets. It has been a super fun experience that gets a tiny bit more fun every day. One of my daughters drew up a quick concept screen for the Blast Arena sign up form. Here it is on Instagram.

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Blast Arena concept art for marketing

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Below is a very early proof of concept demo SaltyLightning did months before we decided what game to make first. It shows that we could construct a 3D world with a guy running around and get it onscreen pretty quickly.

Surprising how hard it was to find this video.

Very first game demo

Now we had the proof that we could build a game demo and change it quickly. So, we looked for a game to publish. We tested some game ideas, and eventually finished our first game. The journey had fits and starts until we settled into a workflow for the studio. I will talk about some of that later in the series.

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Hard at work AI testing on Blast Arena!

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About six months into planning and development, we lost our server storage and backups. It was also a catastrophic failure. Fortunately we only lost the planning, notes, research, and timelines. A copy of the software was on Salty’s rig so we were OK. We also had some video demos of early conceptual work like the one above. This series will highlight some of those.