Blast Arena

Game Play

  • Collect upgrades and stay alive
  • Blow up the other players
  • Last player standing keeps his points

Over time the arena gets smaller. There are power ups for various things like increasing the number of bombs the player can drop at once.

How Points are Scored

Stay alive XX seconds100Anytime
Blow up other player250Anytime
Acquire power up50Anytime
Kick bomb kill500Anytime
Toss bomb kill750Anytime
Win with no kills750Anytime
Win with any kills2000Anytime
Win with most kills5000Anytime
Win with all kills15000Anytime
Win with all kills no enhancements150000Anytime
How Points are Scored


  • Leader board to display top players by points accrued during a single play session
  • Badge to display max kills in a single session
  • New facial Expressions for any of the three actions: Resting Face, Score! Face, Taunt Face: Free and Premium Expressions.