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Grabbit Rabbit

Grabbit Rabbit is a ‘chase game’ where you play as a hawk chasing rabbits through fields and woods. The rabbits are running through underbrush and over logs and you have to stay close behind and catch that stinking wabbit before it gets away.

Grabbit Rabbit POC Demo

Like Warrior Pinata, this game also proved to be too ambitious. If we were building a desktop or console game we could recreate the concept image below within the game. With the exception of the latest Apple devices, mobile performance is too low to render as much detail and atmosphere as we needed for the game. This is especially true on non-Apple devices. We target 2 to 3 generations of phones on both iOS and Android. The concept drawing below shows an example of the game. Add to it some complex bird physics and fleeing rabbits. The average mobile device would struggle too much.

Grabbit Rabbit Concept

The Rabbit in the game confident and fun-loving. He cannot be caught, and he knows it. He’s got all kinds of tricks up his sleeve to stay out of the Hawk’s reach. The concept shot below shows what we had in mind.

Inspired by an artist on Dribbble. We lost the source so we cannot give attribution.

For now Grabbit Rabbit will stay on the shelf. Perhaps we’ll pull it out and finish it another day.

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